Let's get it ONNNNNN...LINE...

Online Yoga means no travel, the comfort of your own home - and you can wear what you like!
Roll out of bed in your PJs, take an evening class - still in your PJs, tuck straight into dinner once you're done or continue to snooze in savasana - online Yoga at home offers so many opportunities for today's hectic schedules!

Experiment at home with new poses. Often half the battle with new or challenging poses is our ego. Practising at home on your own can help – plus you can always pile up the sofa cushions around you if you’re worried about falling out of Crow pose!

Even with a little mess around you, or the kids screaming on the background - I totally believe that you more you practise Yoga, the less things disturb your peace. If you think you haven't got the perfect environment (note: I don't believe in perfection), challenge yourself to adapt to what you do have. Instead of saying, there's too much noise or there isn't the space - work with what you've got and be grateful that you can still get involved in some way. You only need an area big enough for a mat (and to be honest, you don't even need a mat!)

Sass online classes go like this....

There are four live classes every week - all ranging from 45 minutes to one hour (or longer should you wish to snooze in your own Savasana)...

ALL classes are live via Zoom, an amazing meeting platform, which needs to be downloaded to your phone or computer  - and there's no registration needed! 


Book your space via my online booking system at MomoYoga. If you've never done a class with me before, you'll need to register/create an account and complete a short health questionnaire. You must pay online in order to confirm the booking. Your FIRST online class is FREE! Once registered, add the 'free class' to your account and then choose which one to book!

THEN, 30 minutes before the class start time, you'll receive an email (please make sure your email is correct on the booking system and add my email to your address book - Sass emails tend to go into junk folders occasionally - HOW RUDE!)

Click on the link in the email and YOO HOO, you'll see my home studio as well as other people joining in. If you don't hear any sound, do not fear - we are all muted until the class starts. I've edited a little video to show you how to download the app when you click on the link in the email.

The biggest concern from people initially is that their phone or computer says 'your browser cannot open the page because the address is invalid.' Ignore this, click okay and just download the app - once you've got the download, this won't happen!

View tutorial here.

My advice right now? Check out Zoom - download it to your computer or phone IN ADVANCE of your first class. You don't need to register at all. You will only need the link from the email I send you before class or the link from your class booking on your MomoYoga account. Read all the instructions on screen when you download the app before just clicking to the next step - and keep referring back to the video above.

It might sound complicated - it's absolutely not if you just take your time! My 72 year old parents are nailing it....!

"How much does it cost me," I hear you cry? Well - most definitely less than a cocktail or a glass of wine!

All Sass Online classes are £6.50 drop-in or you can buy a 5 class Online Pass for only £25 (£5 per class). You can also buy various 'ALL class passes,' which allow you to book studio classes too when we're back face to face.

Classes can also be cancelled up to 24 hours in advance of the start time via your online profile without a charge.

I also tend to have a special guest or three join me at class - to the tune of my husband or our four-legged furballs - they're pretty needy and nosey and try to be the star of every video... I encourage you to get your whole family involved too - human and animal versions!

For those of you who have never practised with me before, I'm going to be honest - I'm not a traditional Yoga teacher... there's no chanting, no heavy breathing, no staring into candles and mostly nothing too complicated. What you will discover though is how YOUR body moves. You'll feel parts of your body you might never have felt before and I'll make you question whether you really CAN move well... Just remember, it's YOUR journey. There is no pressure to do everything, there are options for complete beginners as well as those who want a challenge; you may sweat, you may get out of breath, you may even ache for a day or two - but I promise you, it's all for your own good and you will improve your physical and mental wellbeing.

Thank you for your support

That just leaves me to say Thank YOU. Thank you for being there for me in this time of need. I hope you will join me online and enjoy an hour or so of switching off from the madness that's currently taking place in the world.

Please look after YOU. Look after your loved ones and abide by the government rules to help others stay well too. See you on a screen very soon - your phone, computer, or even your big TV!

Finally, finally, I know some of you may be struggling with this more than others and through this difficult time, I want to support you and your mental health - equipping you with the skills you need to take care of your own and others' emotional wellbeing. I've written 6 practical tips for looking after your mental health with the coronavirus outbreak to do just that.

Big love to you,
Kate x

Ps. Keep in touch - email me, find me on Facebook or follow me on Instagram.


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