The Woman Behind the Business - Part 1

I'm going to start from the beginning and give you the reason behind this 'month of me'... not as in 'oh hey, look at me!' - more about who's the girl, mostly these days known as Sass? What does she do/like/love and maybe hate? And what makes her so happy... or not? Some of you know all or most of this but I've had so many new students and followers over the last 12 months that I thought I'd make some time to properly introduce myself.

Nearly three years ago, before we moved to where we live now (Delph in Saddleworth) I had one ambition - to be known to my new neighbours and friends as the Yoga and Movement Teacher. Fast forward, and I am - and I'm absolutely thrilled by that but then when people find out I actually have another 'job' and I'm fairly new to the world of Yoga, they all seem quite surprised! So, I thought, do you know what, I'd like people to know about ALL of me - what I do on a day to day basis, as well as my loves, my pet hates, my background to becoming an Educator and anything else in between which might fit.

First off, I NEVER call my own business - Sass Yoga and Wellbeing - 'work' or 'my job,' because it honestly doesn't feel like a job. Don't get me wrong, it's blummin' stressful on occasion and I've never worked so hard for something in my 35 years of life, but I still pinch myself everyday for the fact that I get paid to do something I absolutely love doing.

My 'job' or 'work work' as I often call it, is at Manchester City Council. I've been there for 12 years now and in that time, due to restructures and opportunities, I've had 8 different roles, ranging from Marketing Manager to Waste and Recycling Officer, to Public Realm Manager and back to Comms and Marketing. I spent a fab two years in the Sports Team looking after the school sport and swimming programmes before moving to Parks for a 6-week placement - to help at Heaton Park. Roll on 3 years and I'm still there! I'm currently Marketing and Communications Manager for Heaton Park  whilst also playing a more strategic role supporting the rest of Manchester Parks. It's full on but thankfully, I love that too - anything you see posted on the Heaton Park Facebook page - I'm the person behind the posts! 

I reduced my hours just over 12 months ago to 2.5 days, giving me more time to focus on building my own business - and the best thing - my work colleagues are so supportive of everything I'm trying to achieve, because I work my ass for them just as much as I do for myself.

During this lockdown period, I've been able to work from home, creating a new office space at one side of the house and a home studio at the other - I couldn't wish for anything more! Plus, I do feel like I'm working a real office because there are two desks - one for me, and one for the husband (aka Gino) - although he talks a lot on the phone so he's not as fun as my usual colleagues.

For the rest of my week, I wear umpteen hats to manage Sass Yoga and Wellbeing and Sass Skincare and Beauty - a new, but so far surprisingly worthwhile venture. Those of you with your own business will understand what's involved day to day and you'll also get it when I say you never really shut off - not because you can't but more because you don't want to. I aim to provide a service for others and that can be anytime of the day, any day of the week, so when I get a Facebook message on a Saturday evening, I'm not going to wait until Monday to reply. That doesn't align with my service vision. 
I know, this could possibly cause me stress but I believe when you do something you love, the stress isn't really such an awful thing.

Finance, Marketing, Business Planning, planning classes and workshops, creating services and products, social media and sales; the main elements in running my own business. I am not therefore just a Yoga and Movement Teacher - I am a business owner, or as my Instagram Tribe call it - 'A Woman who Means Business!'

This therefore is my 'work life' - but what about my home life and the parts that don't pay my mortgage and bills? What do I enjoy when I make time to do what I want? I'm saving that for the next instalment!

Stay tuned for more 'The Woman behind the Business' next week, where I'll share what takes up the rest of my 'day to day' and if there's anything you're curious about or want to ask - then do! Drop me an email.

If you want to check out my Yoga and Movement classes online, discover more about what's involved or maybe just choose to book a space and find out that way!

See you next week! 

Love, Kate x


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