31 Days for £31 - but why 31??

It all began when we lived at number 31... there was no significance, no relationship, no sightings before then. It was our second house and we were 'back home' in Stalybridge, close to my parents, our friends and the hills. We had a garden, it was upside-down living and we ripped it out to create the house we'd dreamt of. I loved it and still have really fond memories of living there. Thankfully, it's still in the family and rented out for others to enjoy now.

It was here we got engaged, and married in 2011 - 20+11=31. I used to see numerous sightings, most days; the car in front of me would have 31 in the number plate, I'd stop in a queue of traffic only to find I'd be outside a house with the number 31 on the door. I'd look at my phone and it'd be 31 minutes past the hour, or 31% battery. The list goes on...

There are two moments in my life so far that really stand out though. The first, it was our first wedding anniversary and our jeweller offered to clean and re-plate our rings. We called into the shop and as she was cleaning my wedding ring, Gino asked how many diamonds were in it (something we'd never really thought about - we just had a ring made to fit my finger and the band was encrusted all the way round, therefore, the size determined the number of stones.) She had a look under her microscope and as she handed it back over, she said 31. There are 31 diamonds in my wedding ring.

The second time was our first trip to Ibiza in 2018. Gino had been trying for over 10 years to get me there and presuming it was just an island for partying and drinking, it really wasn't my scene. As we rocked up to the hotel and checked in, we were given our room card. Gino looked at it and asked me to guess what room we were in. I said 31, he replied 131 - 13 and 31! Now that is a rarity!

This number shows up most days in my life and I'm sure it will continue to do so. I've looked it up and not really uncovered anything too wild and at one time, I wondered what my 31st year might bring. Nothing major happened - thankfully.

So with August having 31 days and this strange situation of COVID still looming, I thought it only relevant that I put an amazing offer out in the hope to kickstart my fitness as well as yours. The new timetable launches, big things are planned for the Sass Community and this coming month can be the start of it all, as we try our hardest to settle into a 'new normal.'

31 Days for £31 - Kickstart with Sass. Use this next month to focus on YOU. Move, breathe, flow and commit to improving your health and wellbeing - physically and mentally. This is more than just a few online or in-studio classes - this is the start of something much bigger. I want you to be a part of it.

Sign up, choose a class and purchase the pass online today. 


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