Back to the Studio in Mossley

From Wednesday 5 August, in-studio classes will return to the studio in Mossley. Based in the Peak Pilates Studio, the Wednesday class will run 6 - 7pm.

The studio is located on the ground floor at the back of the mill, overlooking the river. The easiest way to get inside is to park in front of the mill and walk through the tunnel that runs through the middle of it. Turn left and the studio can be found just inside the very last door. You'll see the lights on inside!

Please don't be late! As soon as 6pm arrives, the door will be locked and you won't be able to get in. As you enter, you'll be asked to sanitise your hands and remove your shoes. There's plenty of storage for your shoes and belongings, but please bring minimal things with you. Try not to congregate in the entrance, drop your things and head to settle in on your mat.

Please bring your own mat and equipment if you have any. Mats can be rented for £1 and I will bring blocks and straps which will be well sanitised.

There are only 8 students allowed in the studio, plus me, and markings will be on the floor, showing you where you need to put your mat. There will be no hands-on adjustments (although I never really did any anyway) and I will stay on or as close to my mat as possible for the entire class. Once the class has finished, you'll be asked to exit one at a time to ensure social distancing is maintained.

Feel free to wear a face mask if you like. I won't be wearing one (because you won't hear me if I did) but if it makes you feel more comfortable, then do it. Please respect each other's space - some may be a little more nervous than others so let's be extra kind to those around us right now.

The class will also be live via Zoom but the way the camera is set up, no one in-studio will be seen.

Things are going to feel and look a little different for now, but I'm confident, if we work together, this 'new normal' will feel just as lovely as before all of this happened... if not even lovelier - I mean, I'm quite a fan of having more personal space than usual!

If you feel unwell in any way at all, I ask that you please stay at home until you recover. This is for your own health and safety as well as those around you. 

There's a map below of the studio location and where you can park.

In-studio classes can be booked in the usual way online. Be quick though, they're proving to be popular!


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