Frequently Asked Questions - 31 Days for £31

I only put this plan into action a week ago... I was hmm-ing and ahh-ing as to whether I should do it or not. A day after launch and I think it was the right decision.

This 'August Campaign' is most certainly not about me. Charging people £1.47 a class is not a clever idea for making money, but that's not why I'm doing it. I want to 'kickstart' as many people as possible. For my regular students, this is an absolute steal of a month (plus - me saying thanks to them for months of amazing support) and for anyone that's new - it's the perfect opportunity to try things out. 

Everyone who signs up though has at least one thing in common - they're ready to commit time to improving their health and wellbeing - physically and mentally.

There's already been several questions - all valid and useful - so I thought it would be handy to list them here!

1. Do I need to sign up before the 1st August?
No. That might sound weird but you can sign up anytime in August. Obviously, the earlier you sign up, the more classes you have access to. You'll have access to the Facebook group forever.

2. What happens to my other credits that are already on my account?
Nothing! They'll stay on your account so you can use them from September onwards. If, for any reason, they drop off OR you accidentally use them when booking a class in August, don't worry - just drop me a message or email and I'll fix it!

3. Are pre-recorded classes included?
No - these are purchased separately, either singularly for £5 each or using a standard 'Online 5 class pass.' You can check the full list of classes available then email me with your request.

4. Do I need to book all classes individually?
Yes. As soon as you've signed up to one class and purchased your 31 Day pass, you can login to your account via and book other sessions. Every time you book a class, a credit will come off your pass.

5. Are passes transferable?
No. the 31 Day offer is only available to the person who signs up for it initially. Credit cannot be transferred to anyone else.

6. What happens if I don't use all my passes up?
Come the end of August, any leftover passes on your 31 Day pass will expire. It's up to you how many classes you partake in during the month. Obviously, the more you do, the more you get out of your pass and the cheaper each class becomes!

7. When I've booked on to a class, what happens next?
You'll get a 'confirmation of booking' email straight after booking (check your junk folder and make sure I'm added to your address book.) The day before class, you'll get a reminder email. THEN, 30 minutes before the class start time, you'll receive a link to log in to the class when it starts. Make sure you've downloaded the Zoom app beforehand. You can read more about the online class process if you need to.

8. In studio classes - how are things different now?
Before you attend an in-studio class, make sure you've read the guidance here.


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